Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Taylor tomorrow!

Well it's here... 4 months in the making. We have our tickets in hand and we're on our way to Taylor Swift tomorrow at the Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City! Rileigh and I are going with my friend Wendy and her daughter Aubrey. I never have seen a 7 year old girl so darn excited. We are taking our camera and mini-video camera and I will post our trip tomorrow :) night LATE :)

Ok so I am kinda loving....

Plum District is kinda hot :) LOL You can earn $10 by signing up here!

Then use coupon code plumlove to save an additional 30%... I just scored a 6 month membership to The Six O'clock Scramble... they help you make meal plans! Let’s face it.  There are millions of recipes online and in cookbooks collecting dust on our shelves.  There are shopping list apps.  There are thousands of articles on healthy eating.  But even with all these resources, most busy families struggle with one question each night – What do we make for dinner?
The 6 month membership cost me....drumroll please.... $2.60! :) regular retail is $37!
How can you pass that up?!

Crafty Kids Playhouse for $4!!!

You can get this cute Crafty Kids Play House for only $4!!!
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